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Total Amiga Coming Soon

It is expected that the latest issue of Total Amiga will be out on the 9th of October. This issue will feature exclusive news from Alan Redhouse on why Eyetech are moving away from the Amiga retail scene, the newest UK Amiga Dealer unveiled, his trip to China, and all things AmigaOne Lite.

Feature articles in the latest issue include, AmigaOne XE-G4 Preview, and The Amiga Community and its Divided Loyalties. There are also reviews of Algor USB, Hollywood 1.5, AmiAtlas 6, Perfect Paint 2.93, Mas-Player, Mediator and SuperTV, ScummVM. Dave Pitcher will launch a new series of tutorials on C, for those people who want to learn to program.

The latest issue will be available direct from Total Amiga by the end of the week with dealers expected to have their copies the following week.

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