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Total Amiga Out Soon

The latest issue of Total Amiga has been sent to the printers and is expected to be out on the 9th of July.

The new issue has a special feature on the release of the AmigaOS 4 Pre-Release and an AmiGBG show report. There are also reviews of Hollywood 1.9 and Hollywood Designer, Amiga Forever 6, SoundFX 4.3, CrossFire II, MicroGoldEd and Digital KVM switch. Part 3 of the Introduction to C programming tutorial will be included in this issue, along with tutorials on generating PDFs and using mPlayer.

German Amiga users don't have to wait for Total Amiga to arrive, as the latest issue of Amiga Plus is available and can be ordered directly from Falkemedia. The latest issue focuses on running AmigaOS 4 Pre-release on AmigaOne hardware, and has a review of Open Transport Tycoon.

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