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Total Amiga Now Available

The latest issue of Total Amiga is now available to order direct from the publisher or from your local Amiga dealer.

Regular readers of Total Amiga have been eagerly awaiting this issue as leading Amiga journalists Andrew Korn, Richard Drummond, and John Chandler have contributed for the first time. Features articles written include, Selling the new Amiga, AROS: the DIY Amiga OS, Tales of Tamar Update, and Mac: Reloaded - getting back into classic Mac emulation. All the latest Amiga news and columns from Fleecy Moss of Amiga and Alan Redhouse of Eyetech are sure to attract your attention.

There are also a number of reviews such as on IBrowse 2.3, FXPaint 2, and Aqua. An interesting tutorial on how to create a simple presentation using Hollywood is well worth reading.

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