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New Update for Tales of Tamar

The developers behind Tales of Tamar a turn-based Play By Email (PBEM) strategy-game have released a new update.

After a number of months of hard work the fifth update is now available to those people who purchased their copy of Tales of Tamar. This is the most substantial update yet for it contains 13MB worth of changes and extensions. Sections of the game such as Trade, Production, and Luxury have been updated after requests from gamers. New features include Fog of War, which hides areas that are outside the visible range of any player's units and allows you to sneak up on enemies. An interesting development is that if your realm has churches and cathedrals you can now call for a Holy War.

The developers of Tales of Tamar have really shown a great deal of dedication to improving the game, although they have expressed disappointment at low sales of the Amiga version. Hopefully more gamers will be won over by this dynamic game and the dedication of its development team.

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