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As many readers will be aware the Amiga Flame reviews section has not been updated for sometime. Instead of making excuses as to why I thought it would be better to recommend another web site cramped full of game reviews, namely the Amiga Games Database.

The purpose of the Amiga Games Database is to provide Amiga games players with an informed but subjective opinion on a wide range of games. Angus Manwaring, site administer states on the site, “We've all come across some awful software in our time, but for many of us, there's a surprising quantity of undiscovered classic Amiga games out there. The AGDB is here to help you identify them”.

One of the most positive aspects of the Amiga Games Database is that the reviews can be carried out by anyone wanting to make a contribution. If you thought a particular game was fantastic or one to avoid then you can let everyone know by submitting a review. Amiga users obviously like to speak out as the AGDB has over 900 reviews.

Recent reviews include classic games like Conflict: Middle East, Road Rash, Player Manager, and one of my favourites Gunship 2000. Some recent games have also gone through the review treatment such as FreeSpace - The Great War, described by its reviewer, Seppo Typpö as “the "Babylon 5" of Amiga space games, and every wing commander in this Amiga universe should experience it”.

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