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Amiga Future Takes the Helm from Total Amiga

In a surprise move it was announced that Total Amiga is to cease publication from issue 26 which is due on the 23rd of April. However, Amiga Future is set to take over as a translated version of the German magazine will be sent to TA subscribers and they hope to encourage other English-speaking users to subscribe in order to create a solid base of readers.

The decision to close Total Amiga was partly due to the editor Robert Williams, who stepped down after over eight years working on the magazine. With no one else able to fill his shoes, the TA team made the hard decision after twenty-six issues and years of incredible achievements. The reaction of readers has been one of disappointment that such an important magazine in the Amiga industry is about to disappear. One avid reader summed up the views of many when he said, “Thank you to all the folk that worked to produce TA for so long, especially Robert, what you've managed to achieve with this magazine is nothing short of miraculous, and you should be VERY proud of your extremely hard work to produce such a great magazine in your free time for no gain at all, other than a labour of love for the Amiga computer”.

Amiga Future intends to fill the void left by the closure of Total Amiga, creating an English version of their magazine and fulfilling the subscriptions of the TA readership. For this all the German articles will be translated into English, so the content of both editions will be the same (although they do need more translators to help with the task). As the magazine is normally available every two months readers can expect at least six issues per year, and if you want to receive a cover CD along with the magazine that can be arranged for a fee.

For a subscription to Amiga Future, readers can purchase one for a price of 39.90 Euro or alternatively 57.90 Euro for the CD-ROM edition. If you simply want to sample what Amiga Future is like then order a single copy at the price of 4.50 Euro without a CD or 7.50 with a Cover CD-ROM. Having purchased a few individual copies of Amiga Future in the past I can attest to the quality of the magazine (although I cannot read German).

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