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T-Minus 48 Days

In about 48 days Bill McEwen, President of Amiga Inc will make a number of important announcements at the Gateway Computer Show in St. Louis. Bill McEwen said in his latest Executive update that, “in 6 weeks, it will all be known”.

It seems clear that Amiga Inc is set to reveal what they have been working on behind-the-scenes. Bill McEwen in this latest Executive perhaps gave some hints as to the questions that might be answered, stating, “Where is the AmigaOne? What about AmigaDE on PDA's, Set Top Boxes, Internet Appliances, or even desktops? Is there life for the AmigaOS after 3.9?” Bill McEwen does seem remarkably confident sidelining the negative rumour-mongering, “contrary to the rumours and what many people are saying about our demise, or that we are going to have the same fate of the others before us, we have a big surprise for all of them”.

Even though Amiga users have a long wait, the run up to the St. Louis show holds great promise with alt.WoA Show in the UK on Saturday 24th February sure to be an exciting event. Alan Redhouse, Managing Director of Eyetech and Fleecy Moss of Amiga Inc will be in attendance. Eyetech, which entered into a partnership with Amiga Inc are expected to reveal a solution that allows Classic Amiga users to bring their existing classic A1200 and A4000 into the future, while also giving them the benefits of the Amiga Digital Environment. A presentation will be given on the AmigaOne board at the alt.WoA Show, which will cover all technical aspects of the new board.

Eyetech has this week revealed that Hyperion Entertainment are to supply games to be bundled with the AmigaOne 1200/4000 boards. Alan Redhouse also said, “The only estimation which we are able to release at this time is that the AmigaOne 1200 / 4000 will be significantly cheaper than the current top of the range Amiga PPC accelerators, while offering a major increase in performance and functionality”.

T-Minus 48 Days

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