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Titan Computer Sign Two New Games

Titan Computer, who had been quiet for some time have revealed that they are to publish two new games in the near future, called Alien Nations and Exodus.

Alien Nations is a real-time strategy game, which was released in Germany on the pc with it described as being in the Settlers style. The game is set on an alien planet inhabited by three very distinct races: the Pimmons, the Amazons and the Sajikis and features campaigns consisting of 10 single player missions per race, set against a giant 3D back-drop. Resource-management, diplomacy, research, commerce and battle are key to success. Titan Computer signed the publishing deal with Hyperion Software doing the conversion. Alien Nations expected to be available for the Amiga and Mac. The Amiga version will most likely require a graphics card and will support PPC accelerators through WarpOS although the feasibility of a 68060 version will be examined.

Exodus is another real-time strategy game that Titan Computer intends to publish, which was announced on Amiga Flame some months ago. It startled many Amiga gamers, who believed that it could be the next best Amiga strategy after the release of Napalm in February of last year.

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