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Syndicate, Jungle Strike, and Wing Commander for the PSP

The unexpected announced by Electronic Arts that a package of classic games is set to be released on the PSP has received a warm welcome.

According to a report on the Pocket-Lint website, the compilation will include fourteen well-known titles. These include B.O.B, Budokan, Road Rash I, Road Rash II, Road Rash III, Desert Strike, Syndicate, Jungle Strike, Ultima: The Black Gate, Haunting Starring Polterguy, Virtual Pinball, Mutant League Football, and Wing Commander.

One of the hottest titles for release is Syndicate which won the favour of so many Amiga gamers. In Syndicate you are in charge of a four man team of cyborg agents who complete a series of missions on behalf of a big corporation. Set in futuristic Bladerunner style cities you assassinate executives of rival syndicates, rescue captured associates, forcibly persuade civilians and scientists to assist your company, demolish buildings, or simply kill all enemy agents.

One gamer who is currently attempting to complete Syndicate reminded others what the action was like. He said, “It's one of the most absorbing world domination games ever, and pretty big too. The sheer amount of violence you commit in the name of 'the company' never gets boring. The research and character upgrade elements round off an already perfect action game”. Another gamer on Lemon Amiga made the claim that, “No game before or since has matched Syndicate's perfect 'shoot-em-up'/ 'Strategy' balance”.

The fact that big gaming companies are looking to their back catalogue for inspiration to deliver compelling games is a clear sign that the Amiga platform has left an important legacy.

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