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Sensible World of Soccer - Danish Open

The Danish Open of the Sensible World of Soccer competition will take place in Copenhagen on the 2nd of June. With the winner expected to receive a prize of 1000 EUR the entree fee of 17 EUR is unlikely to deter SWOS fans.

Competitors will be playing the 96/97 version of SWOS on Amiga 1200 computers, 68020-14MHz, 2MB ram, Hard drive and AGA. The quarter-finals, semi-finals, and the final match will be shown live on 2x 52" projectors to spectators. A party atmosphere to the competition should make the event well worth participating in.

This event which is organised by Amiga Club Denmark and sponsored by ACD Group has already attracted the attention of players from across Denmark and Germany. Nineteen players have signed up for the competition and they hope to have players from Germany, Brazil, Poland and Sweden.

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