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Support Services for AmigaOne Users

The arrival of the AmigaOS 4 Pre-Release has created a great deal of excitement for AmigaOne users who eagerly awaited its release. To help ensure that users overcome problems they might experience and to provide users with new content they can turn to a number of newly created support services.

Hyperion Entertainment have opened up their new website which features an all-new dynamic content system that allows registered users to login. Logging in will give users access to otherwise restricted areas of the website, including additional download options. According to Hans-Jörg Frieden of Hyperion, “In the not too distant future (i.e. somewhere next week) we intend to fill the download area up a bit. You know, a few OS 4 thingies for the pre-release owners”.

Amiga Share is run by a group of enthusiasts who want to act as a spearhead for the Amiga community in bringing all the technology to its users and developers. The Software Library is an important place for users to visit as it features business, Internet, system and utilities, games, and multimedia software. Several emulators for the new Amiga systems are available to download from the website including xMame an arcade machine emulator.

IRC users can also turn to a new channel known as #AmigaOS4 or join an old channel called #AmigaIRC. Once you join #AmigaOS4, users with operator status will be betatesters or developers and will be able to assist with any questions, queries or problems you may have regarding the AmigaOS 4 Pre-Release. On #AmigaIRC, betatesters, developers or AmigaOne resellers will be able to assist with any questions, queries or problems you may have.

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