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Convincing the Undecided

Over the course of the last ten years Amiga users have expressed a strong desire for the Amiga to make a comeback. Companies such as Escom, Viscorp, and Gateway responded to the tremendous pressure brought to bear on them by promising that they would continue the Amiga platform by putting together a machine worthy of the Amiga name. There promises came to nothing.

Today's Amiga Inc once again responded to the desires of Amiga users, signing on Eyetech to work on creating the next generation Amiga. They also signed on Hyperion to produce an update to the Amiga Operating System, which would take advantage of the new hardware. Serious and games developers flocked to Amiga Inc and their partners to work on titles for the new Amiga.

Little over a week ago, Bill McEwen, CEO of Amiga Inc praised the efforts of their partners and software developers and presented Amiga users with what they had long waited for, a new Amiga known as AmigaOne. In an effort to determine how many Amiga users want to get their hands on the new Amiga they want users to purchase a $50.00 coupon from the Amiga Anywhere Shop. In a recent statement Bill McEwen emphasized, “This promotion is far more than filling some nebulous coffers: it is about letting the developers and the world know that Amiga is a market, that the Amiga Community is viable and that it is one that is most certainly a market worth developing for, and a market and group of people worthy of recognition”.

In an effort to encourage Amiga users to purchase a $50.00 coupon from the Amiga Anywhere Shop I have decided to post here each day some of the messages posted by Amiga users in forums, mailing lists, and in other places. I am confident that you will take a real interest in reading what they have to say and I hope that you will be convinced that we must get involved and show developers that their will soon exist a viable and thriving AmigaOne market.

Today's messages come from Ben on Amiga Network News and an Alaskan Amiga user.

Ok - I take all the sarcastic comments back people...

I am going to put my $50 in.

This is the *only* opportunity to restart the Amiga in the last 10 years, there probably wont be another. OS4 is pretty much beyond the point of no return now, and if we buy it there will be updates. Enjoy the summer, then get stuck in to some serious re-enjoyment of THE AMIGA. This is going to be good, make it so!

It wasnt the millions of owners that made the Amiga what it was "last time" - it was you guys and gals! It was the people making the move to choose over the Atari ST! Be honest people, have you even tried the new Macs? They still dont feel anything like as snappy as what we are used to...

Harder, better, faster, stronger...


It is not surprising that they are not going to make a lot more boards than they know are going to sell - to do so would cost them big time if they didn't sell.

So look, you've been given the opportunity to make a down payment on an A1 board for only $50 - and that will guarantee you one of the first batch to be made.

The thing that gets me is that people are actually surprised that there will be a big delay before another batch of these boards are made. The second batch will not be ordered until all of the first batch have been sold. And once that happens, how many do they order? If they don't run another coupon scheme or take pre-orders, how are they supposed to know with any accuracy how many to make?

It's not fair to assume that they alone should shoulder the financial burden of making large quantities of AmigaOne motherboards just so a few people can sit back and wait for them to appear before they show any sign of buying one.

The coupon scheme was a good idea, and it probably guaranteed that more boards were made than were originally planned for. So right now you have about 13 hours to guarantee your board with a relatively small payment - and if you can't afford that - how were you going to afford to pay around $600 for the finished product?

I really hope that people don't complain about this. None of this should surprise anyone.

Alaskan Amiga user

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