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St. Louis Show Coming Soon

In few days time Bill McEwen, President of Amiga Inc will make a number of important announcements at the Gateway Computer Show in St. Louis, US. Bill McEwen said in his last Executive update that, “it will all be known”.

The hype has been building over the last few weeks with Amiga Inc giving the impression that the show will be “a ground shaking event”. This was posted on the Amiga Inc web site two weeks ago; “On February 28th, 2001 an announcement was made to a group of employees, and other well known technical people within the Puget Sound region. Moments later a 6.8 magnitude earthquake shook the northwest. What was said? What was the possible reason for the sudden shift in the earth? Come to St. Louis and learn the answers”. Even Bob Scharp, show organiser believes that this show is going to be impressive. He states, “This will be the epic Amiga event that all Amigans will relate to. Previous Amiga shows, will pale in comparison when all is revealed at the Amiga2001 show. This will give you something to brag about for years. Don't miss Amiga2001. This is the show where dreams come true”. Let's hope that all this hype was worth it.

Those Amiga users who intend to be at the show will not be disappointed as exhibitors are expected from far and wide. Some companies attending include Amiga Active Magazine, AmigaZone, Cloanto Corporation, G&G Enterprises, Haage & Partner, individual Computers, and Nova Design, Inc. Companies such as Merlancia Industries and Nova Design are set to make their own big announcements about new and future products.

The St. Louis show is also a special show for Petro Tyschtschenko, who has led a determined effort over such a long period to keep the Amiga alive. His efforts have paid off and so it is with much sadness that Petro will be retiring on Saturday, 31st March. However, Petro will not be going quietly as there is to be a celebration banquet at the show. If you are going to the show, make sure you purchase tickets for the banquet.

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