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St. Louis Show Weekend

As reported last week, the St. Louis Amiga show is to place this weekend with Amiga Inc set to make a series of important announcements along with some other companies. News is expected to filter out from the show all weekend, so readers should regular check Amiga Flame for the latest news.

If you want to keep up with events, then get onto the Internet Relay Chat as a channel been made available for the show, known as #developer. Amiga notaries are expected to attend, in particular, Gary Peake and Fleecy Moss will be joining to address questions and dispel rumours that may be lingering after the announcements have been made at the show.

AmigaNet IRC Servers:

Harv Laser of Amiga Zone has posted a report on the St. Louis Pre-Show Party, which suggests that many leading Amiga figures have made the trip. Harv Laser believes, “this should be a pretty damn good Amiga show considering the calibre of folks who are exhibiting and hanging out”.

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