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Simon The Sorcerer II To Be Released

Epic Interactive has not only released Earth 2140 for Christmas, but also cartoon adventure game, Simon The Sorcerer II will be available from the 14th of December.

Paul Burkey (creator of Foundation) and Peter Mulholland completed the task of converting Adventure Soft's game, Simon The Sorcerer II. There are over 80 locations with about 100 characters to interact with, meeting many weird and crazy characters such as the swampling. It is played with an easy point & click interface and features hand-drawn locations and characters with more than 50,000 frames of animation. There is CD quality music and hundreds of SoundFX. Simon The Sorcerer II comes as an English Talkie version although gamers can select English, German or Italian subtitles.

Simon The Sorcerer II requires an AGA or GFX board equipped Amiga with at least a 68030/50 processor and 8 MB of Ram to run.

If you wish to order your copy of Simon The Sorcerer II then e-mail Epic Interactive at:-


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