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Sputnik for AmigaOS 4

Troels Ersking has launched an effort to port Sputnik to AmigaOS 4, a web browser already available for a number of other platforms. Based on the widely known KHTML engine and being a very light web browser compared to Firefox it will enable Amiga users to fully view websites on the internet.

In order to port Sputnik, Troels Ersking has enlisted the support of Marcin who was responsible for porting this browser to another platform. However, if this port is to happen then a sum of EUR 3050 needs to be raised to pay the programmer to provide a stable, feature-rich version of Sputnik for the Amiga platform.

The community have already responded to the campaign raising nearly half the total amount in a short space of time. Even the smallest amount has made a dent on the total and a number of users have even donated more than a EUR 100 to the fund. Donators will be pleased to know that if the effort does not materialise the money will be returned.

Visit their web site and make a donation:-

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