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Special Preview Release of "SDK Browser" for AmigaOS 4

BITbyBIT Software Group announced the opening of their website and a special preview release of their first offering "The SDK Browser". BITbyBIT Software is a new full-time professional development team, dedicated to producing software for AmigaOS 4. According to team leader, Jamie Krueger, the company will focus on helping other developers, for they “need to have the basic tools NOW, worse then they need the advanced tools later”.

Their first program known as the SDK Browser provides any Amiga programmer a quick reference tool into the live AmigaOS4 SDK installation on your Amiga One, via a 100% graphical (GUI) based tool. It can help you find the format (prototype) for any AmigaOS 4 system call as well as lookup a specific structure reference, method, tag item, what-have-you, quicker than any other tool. You can also simply use it as a great way to wander through the AmigaOS 4 development documentation (AutoDocs, Includes, etc.) to learn more about how to program for this great machine and its powerful operating system.

It is important to note that the SDK Browser project is a spin-off of the work being done as part of a larger commercial project, intended to bring a professional development environment to AmigaOS 4 developers while also encouraging new developers and novices to write quality software for AmigaOS 4. However, BITbyBIT Software believe it would be better to release some of their tools as they become available, in order to help developers to grow the platform as a whole and to generate the funding necessary to continue full-time, dedicated development on the platform.

If you register the preview version now, before the release of 1.0, then you will receive the commercial version of the program that will contain many of the features being suggested now, and will be sold directly for a larger price than the current US $15.00 registration fee. The preview program has already received glowing reviews, for instance Simon Archer stated, “there are some slight layout problems under OS4 here, but apart from that, excellent”.

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