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Amiga Incorporated Advances Forward

The previous President's of the Amiga have made promises about the future of the Amiga or have been philosophical such as Jeff Schindler, who tended to say a lot, but still somehow found a way of telling little of substance. The current President, Bill McEwen is quite different, proved by this month's most lengthy Executive Update that I have never had to trawl through.

Bill McEwen stated the theme for this month was to “assure you that a great deal has been occurring” such as “some great new hires, many new partnerships and great progress as we are moving forward”. He reiterated the importance of the Tao Group partnership, with results expected at the St. Louis show and mentioned again about the partnership struck between them and Haage & Partner, who “will provide API's and a path towards to the future OS” and are also “committed to porting all of their software to the new platform”.

The biggest news for Amiga gaming was that Amiga Incorporated are working closely with Hyperion Software, with Bill McEwen revealing that they have “entered into an agreement for the porting of the existing and new games to the new Amiga” with the Hyperion team “working on a new 3D gaming engine for the new Amiga”. It has been said that Hyperion Software and the Tao Group have been working together, “to make the development of games for the Amiga a cut above the rest”. Amiga gamers should regard this news as a significant step forward highlighting that gaming for this new Amiga system has been made a priority.

Bill McEwen announced the creation of the Amiga Dealers Network, which aims to communicate effectively their plans and concerns for the Amiga, to Amiga dealers. It has already been up and running with it noted that the response has been fantastic with over 300 dealers contacted. Communication has become an important matter, with the Amiga Advisory Council in the process of being restarted, with its members drawn from all sectors of the Amiga industry. Amiga Incorporated has also stated that they plan to set up an “Amiga World” newsletter “designed as a vehicle to help the community communicate better together”, although many people will need to be convinced as similar ideas in the past have fallen by the wayside.

They have a host of new staff members drawn to the Amiga industry from all quarters with it noticeable that many are also well known in the Amiga industry. Perhaps, this change in composition marks the fact that Amiga Incorporated is finally in the hands of people who understand the potential of the Amiga. There is Randall P. Hughes – VP Sales and Strategic Business Development, Vincent P. Pfeifer – VP of Operations, Gary Peake – Director of Developer Relations and Support, Tarah Mallo – Reception and Office, Kari Erickson – Executive Administration, Susan Sutton – Director of Finance and Human Resources, and Gordon Stone – Director of Information Services and Information Technologies, who are all involved in the Amiga operations in Washington. Markus Grohmann - Order processing and EDP and Barbara Nitzsche – Executive Assistant to Petro, are new additions in the German office. The development team includes Dean Brown, Dave Taylor, Wouter van Oortmerssen, Andreas Kleinert, and Trond Werner Hansen. The Amiga Developer Support Network is made up of Gary Peake, Ray A. Akey, G'o'tz Ohnesorge, and Jonas Gustavsson.

Amiga President, Bill McEwen seems enthusiastic about the future, and although he has been extremely busy he pointed out that it has been a lot of fun. He stated that “the company and the people who have contacted us to support what we are doing have been in many cases overwhelming. We have several more partnerships that we are going to be announcing in St. Louis, and we hope to see as many of you there as possible”.

Bill McEwen also spoke in his last comments about Jay Miner, about why he started the Amiga venture, all those years ago. He explained that he had been talking to someone who had worked with Jay directly, and asked what Jay really wanted to do with the Amiga. He said, “Simply stated “Jay wanted to build the greatest home computing experience ever, for under 500.00”. I can tell you that his dream still lives with every member of this company, and we will deliver on his dream” according to Bill McEwen. I also hope that Amiga Incorporated can work towards this goal, every company needs one, and this is a worthy and genuine goal.

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