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Source Code of WaterRace Released

French Touch have made available for download the source code of WaterRace, a recently released and highly awarded game. MacGame Zone and MacGame Database both awarded WaterRace with 4 out 5 stars while MacGeneration referred to as “Great fun”.

Time for some racing action
WaterRace is an offshore racing game with unique characters, levels and ships, each having their own technical characteristics. It was developed using Macs and for the Mac by an independent team of European developers called French Touch. They worked two years on this game for free and during their free time, to bring the best possible and original game to the Mac.

WaterRace features nine levels with detailed and animated environments, nine high-speed boats with unique characteristics and driving styles, and nine real-time animated 3D characters in the interface of the game. It has an accelerated 3D engine with high-resolution graphics and a soundtrack designed to create a thrilling atmosphere. It also includes 3D editing tools enabling gamers to create their own ships and levels.

If any Amiga programmers are interested in converting a game to the Amiga, WaterRace may be worth the effort.

Download the source code from the website:-

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