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Amiga Version of Duke Nukem 3D Released

It was always hoped by gamers that the recently released source code of Duke Nukem 3D would lead to an Amiga conversion and it seems that a programmer has stepped forward for Daniel Trompetter of Oxyron has finished porting this well known title to the Amiga. This version is the third chapter in the series and the first with a 3D perspective that was originally released in 1996.

Let's blast those aliens
Duke Nukem 3D is set sometime in the early 21st century and begins in a ravaged LA, which was overtaken by aliens while you were abducted during Duke Nukem II. Duke, upon returning to Earth, finds himself with another mess to clean up, and another alien race that needs exterminating. Duke is a can-do hero who realizes that sometimes innocent people have to die in order to save Earth, so accuracy of gun fire is not a real concern to him. There is a long list of weapons to help Duke to complete the missions including a shrinker ray that reduces an opponent to the size of a G.I. Joe or a mine that can be placed on any wall and sends out a laser trip beam.

Although this classic game is a relatively old title, many action gamer fans will welcome bringing this can-do hero to the Amiga. Gamers should note that they will need a copy of Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition to play the game.

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