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Software Conversions in the Works

It would appear that a range of gaming and creative software will be brought to the Amiga platform.

The Phoenix Project is a non-profit team of Amiga developers aiming to port various free or dismissed applications or games to AmigaOS 4. The latest issue of Bitplane revealed that their first projects are a GUI for Transmission, the Bittorrent P2P client, and the X11 port of Firefox. More importantly, they also intend to bring to AmigaOS 4 gamers remakes of old Amiga games that have been recently released for other platforms.

The development team behind the conversion of Racer, a realistic driving simulation, have made available the first in-game movie of racer running on OS4. Jimmy Proost revealed that they have entered into talks with Cruden software for using the source on a commercial basis, which means they could launch the game on one DVD for PC-Linux-AmigaOS 4.

3D modelling tool, Blender is being converted to the Amiga platform by Thomas Frieden who has been involved in the development of AmigaOS 4. According to his brother, “the current compile is pretty stable, but a few things don't work at all (like the popup menus - for some reason they don't render). Basically, any form or release is quite a while off”. With features such as animation, rigging, shading, and even game creation the wait for Blender will be worth it.

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