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String of Announcements from Amiga Inc

Amiga Inc has made a number of highly substantial announcements, providing Amiga users with a greater insight into Amiga Inc's strategy over this year and next.

In the first in a series of announcements it was revealed that Amiga Inc has formed a long-term relationship with Elbox, an Amiga hardware business based in Poland. Amiga President, Bill McEwen, commenting on the announcement said, “Key to that is the Amiga community moving forwards in a single direction, united and determined. With Elbox as a partner, another key Amiga company has joined the drive forwards towards success”.

The significant of this announcement is clear, for according to the press release, “Elbox Computer Ltd are working closely with Amiga Inc to ensure that their existing and future products will gain Zico certification, and thus provide a perfect platform for AmigaOS4”. The Zico certification, granted to Elbox will allow any of their products produced through this relationship, to be released as official Amiga sanctioned product. Elbox's next product, the SharkPPC+ will be available along with the premiere of the AmigaOS4 system.

Amiga President, Bill McEwen in his latest Executive Update finally clarified what the St. Louis announcements were and their significance. One point, which is extremely good news for Amiga users is that AmigaOne for the A1200 will be out in the summer and Bill McEwen also said, “We are then looking at releases later in the year, for the new standalone designs”. He also said that the relationship between Sharp and Amiga Inc is the first in a line of “impressive new customers”, with more information on this relationship expected soon, along with further partnership announcements.

Amiga Inc in the last of their announcements made available a two-page Technical Update to allow Amiga users to full understand their strategy. The first page gives Amiga users the philosophy behind Amiga Inc's strategy while the second page provides a technical analysis of this strategy. I highly recommend that Amiga users read the Technical Update and in particular the second page as it gives detailed information on the AmigaOS and AmigaDE.

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