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Coder Required

The development team behind pc crusader clone, Silencer are currently seeking a coder to work on Silencer and a number of other game projects.

They are planning to produce a Universe/DarkSeed clone, Another World/ Flashback clone, Navy Seals/ Turrican clone and a Capital Punishment clone. Each of these games will be based on their legendary role-model, but will have a heap of improvements, regarding gfx, sound and playability. Ivan Pesic stated, “We assure you that we are very qualified for developing each of these games on a pro-level and commercial quality, so that gfx and sound development are no risks in any of these projects...”. However, they are seeking a talented and dedicated coder to work as a member of the development team.

If you're interested in this opportunity to join a development team then e-mail them at:-


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