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New Silencer Demo

Silencer is a new Crusader style isometric blast'em up game from Extraterrestrial Developing Team. Silencer will also smoothly combine all the good aspects and features from legendary Amiga games such as Alien Breed, Skeleton Krew, Syndicate and many more, and will bring in a lot of new and fresh features.

The storyline to the game promises to be very serious and tense with over 10 minutes of rendered video sequences. The developers plan to have over 300 frames of main character animation along with many different enemies with artificial intelligence. There will be 12 levels with players having the ability to cause absolute devastation in these levels. According to one team member, players “have the ability to kill anyone, from harmless civilians to a very mean enemies. You could trash and torch everything in sight, from surveillance monitors and flower pots to a large cargo canisters and terminals”. There will be an array of weaponry to fulfil such a task.

When the early demo was made available on Amiga Flame I said after having played it that Silencer held a lot of potential and it is becoming very clear with this new demo that Silencer will be a game to keep a close eye on in 2001. The new demo runs in 640x480 with 256 colours and requires at least 16MB RAM and 15MB on HDD (archive is just 713kb long).

If you wish to contact Extraterrestrial Developing Team, then e-mail them at:-


Visit their web site to find the new demo of Silencer :-

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