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Silencer is a new isometric blast'em up game from a new development team. It combines elements of logic and tactics, which will be necessary in managing many of missions, which will have plenty of action and devastation.

Silencer is set in our own solar system, in the middle of the third millennium with the discovery of a alien spaceship wreckage on one of the Jupiter satellites.

The developers plan to have over 300 frames of main character animation along with many different enemies with artificial intelligence. There will as usual be plenty of weapons to destroy whatever gets in your way. The game should have the ability of playing in a window, with the game also working in multitasking.

The very early demo, which is available below gives a clear impression that the developers are putting in a great deal of effort. It is only an early demo of the engine, but I think it holds a lot of potential.

Silencer will work on a 030 processor or higher, have support for PowerPC cards and 14-bit sound and support for music card through AHI.

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