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Status of Hyperion Ports

Hyperion Entertainment who are responsible for the AmigaOS 4 project, have revealed the status of a number of games and serious software that they plan to port to the AmigaOne.

According to Ben Hermans of Hyperion, the port of SIN, a 3D action game from Activision is finished, while development of Gorky 17 is at an early stage. Realsoft 3D, a highly advanced 3D modelling and rendering package “is still being worked on and will be available after AmigaOS 4 is released”. Unfortunately the port of Worms: Armageddon and Midnight Racing are on hold pending the release the new operating system.

In unrelated news, Hans-Joerg Frieden, another member of the Hyperion team, revealed some news about progress on AmigaOS 4. As to whether the graphics issue was sorted, he stated on Amiga World, that “graphics is (for the most part), but Picasso96 isn't at the moment”. They expect to get more work done after the holiday season is over.

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