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Shogo Released

Hyperion Software has released their latest conversion, 3D first person shooter, Shogo, a Half-Life like game but with anime/manga (Japanese cartoons) elements. Shogo will be must for fans of games like Quake and Half Life, and in particular for those Amiga gamers who have wanted to take full advantage of their upgrades.

Shogo has a dynamic storyline and goal-based mission structure that evolves based on your actions. In Shogo you play Sanjuro, a hotshot commander caught in the middle of a war against a terrorist organisation that cost him his family and his girlfriend. As the plot develops, you will find out that not everything is as you thought it was. It's then time to saddle up and kick some ass.

Shogo has an impressive list of features including over 30 challenging enemies that use the environment to their advantage for example you could activate alarms or spring traps. The original developers have created plenty of firepower ranging from pistols and machine guns when you are on foot, to laser cannons and multi-warhead launchers when you are aboard the MCA (Mobile Combat Armor unit). Shogo also boasts true 3D environments with realistic lighting, indoor levels, vast outdoor terrains and awesome effects. Amiga Gamers will be impressed by the fact it has multiplayer action, which includes built in Internet, LAN and modem support.

To run this incredible game requires a powerful Amiga, which should possess at least a PowerPC processor, graphics card, 6x speed CD-Rom Drive, 64MB Ram, 3D acceleration supported through Warp3D, and lastly Virtual 3D Sound supported through AHI.

If you wish to order Shogo, then e-mail publishers, Titan Computer at:-


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