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Shogo Demo Available

Shogo is a high-end 3D shooter like Half Life but with anime/manga (Japanese cartoons) elements, and is said to be even more advanced than Quake 2. Hyperion Software acquired the rights to port Shogo from Monolith, with the full game expected to be out very soon.

The Shogo demo requires a PowerPC processor, graphics card, 3D acceleration supported through Warp3D version 4, sound support through AHI or standard Paula sound, 64MB Ram, 6x CD-Drive is recommended. Make sure you have these requirements before attempting to download the demo, especially as it is a whopping 36 MB in size. I would concur with the view of other Amiga gamers who have suggested that it would be best to wait until the latest Amiga magazine such as Amiga Active has the Shogo demo on the cover CD.

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