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Amiga Inc's PDA Relationship with Sharp Announced

Amiga Inc used the St. Louis show to announce their relationship with the Sharp Corporation over the Zaurus PDA, which will be marked both in the United States and Europe.

The role of Amiga Inc in regards to the Sharp handheld appears to be significant as Amiga Inc intends to harness the talent of the Amiga developer community to produce applications and games software. The statement issued by Amiga Inc stated, “its developer community would either develop new content or adapt existing content for PDA applications”. Dr. Hiroshi Uno of the Sharp Corporation clearly believes that the Amiga developer community is valuable to Sharp as he said, “Amiga has an outstanding reputation for software development. We anticipate that the alliance with Amiga will create a lot of momentum for the Zaurus PDA”.

It seems as if the Amiga developer community, which has been suffering due to the dwindling number of users may have a new market to tap into. Amiga President, Bill McEwen seems convinced that the Amiga Community has plenty to offer, “Amiga is excited to be part of the Zaurus PDA project, and we look forward to bringing the excitement, brilliant content and magic of the Amiga community to Sharp”, adding, “We intend to develop some really great applications as consumers more fully understand the great potential and skill set of the Amiga community”.

Some Amiga users have expressed concern that Amiga Inc is concentrating its efforts too much on the PDA market and thus ignoring the traditional market targets of the Amiga platform. However, Gary Peak of Amiga Inc has reiterated that they intend, “to cover everything from PDA's and cell phones, set top boxes, and servers”. As Amiga Flame has consistently pointed out the PDA market represents one strand of Amiga Inc's overall plans.

This announcement is a highly significant development, which cannot be downplayed, as the Sharp Corporation is vast global company with their products found throughout the world. Amiga Inc starting from humble beginnings has developed a relationship with a powerful company, which will offer Amiga Inc and Amiga developers an opportunity to establish the Amiga spirit in the PDA market.

In related news from the St. Louis show, it was confirmed by Fleecy Moss of Amiga Inc, that they are working to have the Amiga Digital Environment running on Psion. It has been claimed by some sources that a Psion notebook (PDA) running the Amiga DE will be out in a few weeks. More news is expected soon on this development.

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