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Star Forge Announce Restart to the Development of Maim & Mangle

Star Forge have announced that the development of Maim & Mangle, a real-time strategy game has been restarted. It had been thought that the project was cancelled but with most of the original development team back they are now working on finishing the project.

Maim & Mangle has an extraordinary feature list, which we can only hope will be fully included in the finish product. It features 3D terrain for it uses an all-new 3D engine to create astounding level designs and weather effects. This will affect the way gamers will fight the war, as you'll be able use high terrain for its tactical advantages and even ram enemy units off cliffs. The designers have also made provisions for night-time combat and so vehicles have headlights and bases have searchlights. As a consequence night-time vision equipment and flares play an integral part on the Maim & Mangle battlefield. Gamers will also pleased to know that they intend to include the option for multiplayer games via TCP/IP, which will allow gamers to battle online, one-on-one, or join in planet-wide battles, sharing resources and units to crush the enemy.

To play Maim & Mangle, gamers will require an 060 and CybervisionPPC or PPC and Warp3D supported Gfx card, 32 MB Ram and 4x CD-Rom.

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