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Demo of the SOMS Engine Released

The Anime Development team have released a demo of the engine they intend to use to create their first game called Secret of My Soul. This engine is still in development and they would appreciate feedback so that they can fix any problems and further enhance the engine.

Readers will be pleased to learn that an AmigaOne version of Secret of My Soul is planned once the new operating system is out. In the meantime if you wish to run the engine then you will require PowerPC, WarpOS, Warp3d and a 3D graphics card. If you wish to ask questions direct to members of the development team or wish to receive the latest news then join the recently set up mailing list.

In related news, Anime Development announced on that they are looking for someone who can create 3D objects for the game. This individual must be able to use Cinema4D, Imagine or other 3D programs to complete the task.

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