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Alan Redhouse, Managing Director of Eyetech, in his column in Total Amiga Magazine revealed, that the company will concentrate on the industrial markets and dealer support rather than on the retail sales of Amiga products. This is believed to be a positive move that will enable Eyetech to devote more time and resources to developing new models and finding new markets. More importantly, users will also be pleased to learn that Stellar Dreams, managed by Sven Harvey, will handle retail sales of Amiga products including the AmigaOne.

Sven Harvey is a highly respected figure in the Amiga community, responsible for the Amiga column in the MicroMart Magazine. He also has 14 years of experience in the retail business, selling Amiga A500 Screen Gems Packs at Lewis's Department Store, and later running the Games department at the big HMV in Birmingham. His commitment to the task that lies ahead of managing the retail sales of Amiga products in the UK is not in question, resigning his post at HMV to manage – Stellar Dreams.

Stellar Dreams is expected to take over retail sales of Amiga products by the end of the year, including sales of AmigaOne. Sven Harvey has also pointed out that Stellar Dreams will carry a diverse range of products, including games for the Playstation 2, Gamecube, and Gameboy, plus a range of science fiction goods. The new company is likely to appeal to not just Amiga users but also to gamers of other platforms and sci-fi fans.

Sven Harvey in a closing statement to a message posted on Amiga World, said, “I am looking forward to really getting my teeth into this, and getting pictures of my shop once its open up on the net, but in the meantime, if you want more info, please email me, or come and have a word at the MicroMart computer fair at the NEC on Sunday 30th November”.

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