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Scunthorpe Amiga Gathering 2005

Darren Glenn, webmaster of Intuition Base has organised an Amiga event in Scunthorpe, England, on the 2nd of April. Darren describes the event, “more of a gathering where anyone can come and bring any machine they want to bring with them”. All Amiga users, together with MorphOS users and A.R.O.S users are welcome to attend.

According to the event organisers, a microA1-C running AmigaOS 4 will be demonstrated by Jonathan "GiGa" Haddock, a A1200 BPPC Amiga running AmigaOS 4, and a few other computers and games machines will be present. They even plan to have a CD32 and large TV for some retro game playing during the event.

This event is expected to have a party atmosphere so if you want to see AmigaOS 4 and join the party, then make sure your in Scunthorpe on the 2nd of April. Doors will open from 2pm for anyone bringing anything to setup and the official opening time will be 3pm.

If you want more information or want to order a ticket then e-mail Darren Glenn of Intuition Base at:-


For more information about event visit the website:-

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