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Scunthorpe Amiga Gathering and AmiTron 2005

The gathering of Amiga users in Scunthorpe in the UK and the AmiTron show in Norway attracted a respectable crowd of Amiga users. The show organisers were impressed by the turnout, while comments from users seem to suggest that they enjoyed the events.

The gathering in Scunthorpe had a range of operating systems and hardware on display including a Micro-AmigaOne and a PC running AROS. Chris Young pointed out that “there was a lot of interest in the AmigaOne (I spoke to at least two people who were both interested)”. The latest beta of AmigaOS 4 might have attracted their attention as it was said to be looking good, and even Payback ran fantastically well through the WarpOS wrapper.

Visitors were also notably surprised when Alan Redhouse of Eyetech appeared at the gathering. According to Fred Booth, he “just dropped in for a flying visit. He stayed about an hour and had to go. He didn't make any announcements, though, and wouldn't even be drawn on sales quantities, just that they were lower than expected”.

Although, Darren Glenn, the organiser of the show is adamant that he won't organise an event by himself again, it is clear that many users enjoyed the day. As James King stated on AROS Exec, “It was a nice show, good atmosphere… I'm certain we'll have another (bigger) one next year!”

If you want to know more about AmiTron 2005, then read the show report:-

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