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Reaction to the Shock Announcement

The announcement of the sale of AmigaOS to KMOS has sent shockwaves throughout the Amiga community. There was widespread disbelief about the announcement to such an extent that some news moderators even removed the news item from their websites. But with the announcement posted on the Amiga Inc website and Hyperion's homepage, there was no doubt that KMOS had become the new owner of the AmigaOS.

The initial reaction from some users was one of disappointment that Amiga Inc had decided not to push the Amiga platform forward. Giana on Amiga World said, “It is really painful what Amiga Inc did”, while other users wondered whether Amiga Inc's decision would really benefit the company in the long-term. However, other users believed that the sale was a positive step for Amiga Inc and would ultimately secure the future of the AmigaOS. David Pitcher made the comment, “Amiga Inc now have the money to release the work they have done on AmigaDE, while Hyperion is now working with a well funded outfit that wants to invest in AmigaOS”.

In the days that have followed the announcement, the fears of many users have been raised by the fact that KMOS has no presence on the Internet and little is known about the company. Sam from IT Softworks stated, “I hope that this lack of readiness (considering this deal seems to have been going on since last April) isn't a sign of things to come”. Gary Colville expressed the hopes of many users when he said, “Lets hope KMOS have a clue and move quickly to clarify their intentions. It would be nice to know what they're going to do”. KMOS clearly need to reassure users over the next few weeks that they are a capable company with clear plans for the AmigaOS.

It is possible to conclude that most users have simply adopted a 'wait-and-see' approach to the latest developments. Users are pleased that Hyperion and Eyetech can continue with their efforts, and remain hopeful that KMOS will support the platform and its community.

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