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The team behind deserve commendation as over the years they had successfully persuaded developers to freely release their classic games. Since the closure of the website it has become increasingly difficult for gamers to locate their favourite title on the Amiga platform.

However, a number of websites have come to my attention which offer a similar service to retro gamers. Mirko Engelhardt's project has over one hundred and forty games, two programs, and several emulators with the relevant tools. His recent additions include CD32 versions of Benefactor, Pinball Fantasies, Oldtimer, Fields of Glory, Subwar 2050 and Whales Voyage. Gamers should note that the website is in German.

Bernd Gmeineder's AMI Sector One which was to be incorporated into is still operational. Gamers can download classic games like Syndicate, Seek & Destroy, Populous, and even Power Monger. This website is extremely useful but it may not stay operational, so make sure you visit it.

Another useful website is Amiga Software which provides demos and full versions of classic games. There are plenty of hit games to wet your appetite such as Behind the Iron Gate, Desert Apache, Football Glory, Tomcat, and XTreme Racing. Once again, gamers should note that the website is in German.

An off-shoot of known as Amiga Emulation for Beginners has a range of games and utilities. There are classic hits like Skidmarks, Ports of Call, Gloom, and Space Crusade. It also has a number of guides on such things as Setting up WinUae, Creating Configuration Files and making a Virtual Hard Disk. According to the site maintainer, he is “currently updating this site so it will have just about EVERY game that was on BTTR”.

Gamers should note that the administrators of these websites have received permission for these games to be made available.

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