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Retro Fun from Amiga Future

With some issues of Amiga Future no longer available, many of the classic games on the cover CD can be downloaded from their website.

One of the biggest games to be delivered from Amiga Future is Uropa 2, which was released in 1997 by Austin Software and Vulcan. In this game you play a droid or a Surface Havar vehicle on a mission to defend the colony of Uropa 2 from the Kapone forces that have come through a wormhole. Armed with a sabre sword, a phaser gun, and a couple of bombs you have to destroy enemy robots, rescue hostages (which have to be beamed out), and blow up machinery.

If you're still not satisfied then check out games like Hilt, Blade and Fire Fly which were originally developed by Mark Sheeky. For the novelty factor you might want to download Dr Who or Zombie Apocalypse which should provide some light entertainment.

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