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The retro market is growing at a considerable rate which is reflected in the emergence of websites and printed magazines which cater for this audience. Regular features and articles covering Amiga and its titles have recently appeared in magazines like GameTM and Retro Gamer. This new interest in the Amiga platform needs to be catered for and nurtured if new opportunities to revitalise the Amiga market are to be explored.

The hard work has in fact been done already as Cloanto created Amiga Forever, authors have developed a number of freely available emulators, and the newest incarnation of AmigaOS has a great deal of backward compatibility. However, basic guides are needed to explain how these emulators function and what kind of problems they may need to overcome in order to get their favourites titles to run. It is unfortunate that Amiga Emulation for Beginners has recently vanished from the Internet, as it seemed to offer assistance and advice when gamers struggled to get their games up and running. A further problem is the demise of Back 2 The Roots which had actively sought to contact authors and seek their permission to host their titles. The vacuum left by its demise needs to be filled.

On a regular basis I would receive requests from gamers eager to return to the heyday of the Amiga gaming. Since the loss of Back 2 The Roots and Amiga Emulation for Beginners it has become increasingly difficult to locate hit games like Populous and Syndicate. In order to address the issue I have created a webpage on Amiga Flame which acts as an access point making it easier to locate these games from a variety of sources.

With the final version of AmigaOS 4 available to AmigaOne gamers and a version being worked on for expanded classic Amiga computers it would be beneficial to determine whether retro games such as Genetic Species and F/A - 18 Interceptor are compatible. If you have information on the compatibility of the games listed in the new section then contact Amiga Flame at the usual address. Once these details have been gathered they will be added in a separate column.

I would also like to find out whether there are other websites which offer legal downloads of Amiga games. Perhaps you are aware of fan websites devoted to certain titles or companies which have made their games freely available. The websites I have found are outlined below but there must be more. Once again contact Amiga Flame at the usual address.

AmiSector One:
Amiga Software:
Amiga Land:
Dream 17:
Factor 5:
Infinite Frontiers:
Stay Sensible:
Wyrmkeep Entertainment Co.:

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