Amiga Flame - News - Hell Squad, Bubble Heroes, Nightlong and Apano Sin Finished

Hell Squad, Bubble Heroes, Nightlong and Apano Sin Finished

Game releases for the first half of the year were disappointing but it does seem as if we could have a few gems out for release within the next month or so. Amiga Flame has learned that about four games have been completed in terms of development, not released and are currently going through bug checks and duplication.

Hell Squad an adventure game from the makers of Wasted Dreams, Digital Dreams Entertainment has spent years in development and will shortly be available. In Hell Squad, you lead a team of four mercenaries, through beautifully hand-drawn backgrounds on a mission to survive. The story is that you land on the ground and realize that nothing is like it was supposed to be and your only preoccupation will become to get your team alive from this strange place. Are you good enough to get your team out of the unknown? Can you survive deep inside the enemy territory? Welcome to the secret world of the mercenary. It is on my own must buy list, I've been waiting for this game for a long time, I think it could be one of those games which shows just how creative Amiga developers can be.

If you wish to order your copy of Hell Squad, e-mail Digital Dreams Entertainment at:-


Bubble Heroes is in the final stages of testing, with Crystal Interactive Software doing the publishing of this Italian game. I was concerned that Bubble Heroes might not make it, but thankfully this puzzle/ platform game is on its way. This year and last seen some disappointing puzzle games being released but I think Bubble Heroes will break that trend. There is so much more to this Puzzle Bobble style game and so you should definitely check out the previous article.

If you wish to order a copy of Bubble Heroes, e-mail Andrew Reed of Crystal Interactive Software at:-


ClickBOOM are putting the final touches to Nightlong, after spending months of converting this action adventure game by Team 17 to the Amiga. Nightlong features over 80 detailed locations to explore, stunning 16-bit cyberpunk graphics and full screen movie sequences. There are many engrossing puzzles and it boasts speech recorded by professional actors. Expect this to be another quality title from ClickBOOM.

To pick up another star game from ClickBOOM, e-mail them at:-


V.A.K.-Entertainment is set to publish Apano Sin, a shoot'em up in the next few months. Apano Sin has 6 worlds and many action packed levels. There is a varying array of weapons such as Smartbombs and Power ups.

If you wish to order Apano Sin, e-mail Alfred Knoetig of V.A.K.-Entertainment at:-


Visit their web site at :-/ /

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