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Realsoft 3D Version 4 Coming to the Amiga

Realsoft's critically acclaimed and highly advanced 3D modelling and rendering package, Realsoft 3D Version 4 is coming to the Amiga with Hyperion Entertainment preparing to start the conversion work in the new year. Realsoft's Managing Director Vesa Meskanen commenting on the deal said, “The success of our 3D product line started on the Amiga platform. This opportunity to port our latest product generation back to Amiga is therefore very welcome”.

Realsoft 3D is a full featured modelling, rendering, animation and simulation software tool. Its predecessor, Real 3D, originated on the Amiga and was renowned for its powerful and innovative tools. According to Ben Yoris, PR Manager of Hyperion Entertainment “Realsoft 3D is designed to meet the requirements of today's 3D artist who requires extreme performance through an easy to use, productive user interface”.

Realsoft 3D will be available sometime in 2001 for Amiga OS 3.x and Amiga DE.

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