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Reactions to the Buyout

It wasn't the best-organised announcement with Gateway confirming to a Computer Journal that they had in fact sold Amiga to Amino Development. But the spread of this news was unstoppable as most Amiga users on New Years Eve realised that the New Year also marked a new opportunity for the Amiga under the guiding hands of some well-known faces like Bill McEwen and Fleecy Moss.

There was some genuine concern about Petro Tyschtschenko's future after the takeover from many Amiga users, but amusingly one user pointed out, “I think Petro comes in the Box marked 'bits and Bobs' then when the new owners open the box to see what they have bought, out pops Petro”. It does seem clearer now that Petro Tyschtschenko may have played a crucial role in the buyout and he has confirmed to Amiga users that he is staying at his post.

A surprised Richard Lane said, “Am I happy, yes. What a way to start the new-year” with another user stating, “I hope they do better than what has gone before them...” with there being no disappointment that Gateway no longer has control over the future of the Amiga. Andrew Robinson in fact believed that it was “a close escape for the Amiga”. Amiga users seemed to have taken the decision in their stride, with most unwilling to comment until Amiga Incorporated announces some of their plans for the Amiga.

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