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AmigaOS 4 Version of Quake 2

Amiga gamers will be pleased to learn that Hyperion Entertainment have released an AmigaOS 4 version of Quake 2, a highly popular 3D shooter.

This new version of Quake 2 takes advantage of PowerPC hardware allowing you to fully enjoy playing this 3D shooter on your AmigaOne system. However, this version is restricted to software rendering as Warp3D has not yet been released. According to Hans-Joerg Frieden, Warp3D might be included in the next update for AmigaOS 4, which is expected to be ready in two months time.

If you're a registered user of both AmigaOS 4 and Quake 2, then you can now find the first AmigaOS 4 version from the Hyperion Entertainment website.

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