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Quality Team and Xteam Software Solutions

Raymond Zachariasse, helped to develop adventure game, Sixth Sense Investigations for the Amiga, which received good reviews. Amiga Flame has learned that he has now joined a new developer called Quality Team, which plan to make a game for the Amiga and pc.

Quality Team are to develop a Tetris attack type game called Brainteaser, with plans to release more games maybe on dual format (PC/ Amiga). The graphics for Brainteaser are virtually complete but they are at the moment seeking programmers for the project.

You can e-mail Raymond Zachariasse of Quality Team at:-


Xteam Software Solutions has revealed that they are working on a chess game called Chess Mania. They have also announced that they are developing a PowerPC version of Virtual Power Fighter for the Amiga.


Visit their web site at :-

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