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Quake II Released

The eager anticipation is over as Quake II for the Amiga has been released with the game officially on sale at the WOASE show in London.

At the London show the game was shown in a Deathmatch-network of 3 Amiga's running a custom level especially developed for the show. The network-server was a PC to show that Quake II for the Amiga also supports playing with PC-users on the same Multiplayer-Network over TCP/IP though of course you can also use an Amiga as a Server. The Quake II for Amiga package comes with a comfortable installer script and startup-GUI and Amiga Guide-Documentation plus the original Windows-Version of Quake 2 containing the Data-files. Over 55 Mods for Quake 2 will be made available to end-users through various channels including the Internet.

Many Amiga gamers have already expressed their delight at being able to play Quake II. Read some of the comments below to realise what you're missing if you don't pick up a copy.

Yep, Brought my copy at WOASE, It's very good and quite fast. Well worth the 30 quid. Forematt nearly sold all their copies on the day.
Mikey C (A very satisfied customer)

Quake 2 for the Amiga plays superb, we had it running on my 060/50 ppc mediator voodoo3 and it ran faster than the pc version. It also networks real nice. Its one of the best games ever ported for the Amiga if not the best.
Duncan Gow

It plays very well thank you. Faster than Quake or Heretic II on my PPC.
Alan Buxey

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