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Quake 3 Appears for AmigaOS 4

Thomas Frieden, one of the developers of AmigaOS 4 has managed to produce a port of Quake 3 to the new Amiga platform. On Amiga World, Thomas told Quake fans, “I made that port a few weeks after Quake 3 was released, but didn't release it yet since I think it's too slow and can be faster... But since there's no sense in letting it rot, I'd rather released it and the source code, too, so people could adopt it if need be”.

The release of Quake 3 has received a warm welcome as this great action-shooter can finally be played on the Amiga. Although gamers have experienced a few problems running the game and locating the updates, it would appear the port does work. Curtis Holborn, thanked Thomas for his efforts and pointed out that “It seems to run quick here”, while Tony Aksnes said, “it plays pretty decently here though as has been could have been faster”.

To play Quake 3, gamers must pick up a copy of the game from their local retailer and then download the latest updates. This quick and dirty port requires the latest version of the Quake 3 data files.

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