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Zeoneo Release Planet Zed

Zeoneo was formed, in January 2001, with the sole purpose of developing high quality software exclusively for Amiga OS and Amiga DE systems. According to their web site, “After six months experience with the first version of the Amiga DE SDK it was clear that the underlying Tao intent technology had great potential. Once Amiga-like concepts were applied to it, the results would be revolutionary!”

The first product to be released by Zeoneo was Convex, an addictive puzzle game that is both easy to understand and play. This week however, Amiga gamers where truly impressed when Zeoneo released Planet Zed for the Amiga DE Player. One Amiga user on ANN said, “Planet Zed looks pretty good indeed, and impressive for a PDA game. If I had a Zaurus I'd be looking forward to wasting my time with this one”. Troels Ersking made the comment, “Planet Zed is very good looking, hope you will do a desktop version of that some time”.

Planet Zed is a classic-style shoot'em up featuring a vertical, parallax, variable speed, two-way scroll; 16-bit rendered graphics; and multi-channel sound. The game consists of five levels of increasing difficulty, with a variety of alien attack waves, land based turrets and end of level bosses to defeat. According to Zeoneo, “Further missions can be downloaded and installed as optional extras. So even after you complete the main missions, the fun does not end!”

Gamers will experience a range of different scenery, for example flying your ship over land; passing through hyperspace; guiding through asteroid belts; and choosing the correct path through the confined spaces of a giant alien computer. Collect energy, weapons and power-ups during levels, and buy and sell these and other weapons in the between-level shop.

Planet Zed and the Amiga DE Player for Windows and Linux are now available from the Amiga DE shop.

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