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Zeoneo Release PuzzMania for AmigaAnywhere

Zeoneo's latest title PuzzMania is a collection of some popular puzzle games, especially designed for mobile devices (PDA's). Although PuzzMania is unavailable from Zeoneo's website, it can be downloaded from Handango.

PuzzMania contains six different game modes and includes 60 levels in total, 10 per game mode. According to the designers, “best efforts were made to create an easy to use game while at the same time offering plenty of options to individually tailor different aspects of the game to the users preference”. The player can customize almost every part of the game, switch anytime from one game mode to another while the last unfinished level in each game mode is preserved. All levels can be played directly without the need to first solve a previous level, to remember level codes or similar. Puzzmania also offers high scores, game statistics and three levels of difficulty to motivate the player.

PuzzMania can be downloaded from Handango for the sum of $6.95 US Dollars.

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