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The Pulse Available

The second issue of Amiga's newest commercial magazine, The Pulse is available. The Pulse was formerly used by Alive Mediasoft to promote the various games they had to offer, but now has transformed to become a fully fledged independent Amiga Magazine, offering the latest news, previews, reviews, features and tutorials for the serious and gaming Amiga user.

The first issue came out two months ago, however I felt it would be better to review The Pulse fairly once the staff writers had established the style and look of the magazine. The first issue reminded me of the former Pulse magazine, although I would have to point out that the content had changed dramatically in terms of the quality of the articles especially the news and reviews they had on offer.

The second issue clearly proved that I was right to wait as the entire look and feel of the magazine has changed. There is a whole new layout, which really establishes it with a professional look and the reviews are excellent, they have really put the effort in to get to grips with the software they are reviewing. It's not going to be easy to fool these reviewers, so don't try to pass off any bad piece of software.

The latest issue of The Pulse has previews on Drake, Payback, Magick while reviewers have checked out Code Name Hell Squad, Apano Sin, Turrican X3, Xenon 2 CD, FX-Paint 1.5, FX-Scan 2, Extreme 2, Easys!, and Tornado 3D 3. There are also features on Designing Websites The Professional Way, and Amiga Inc's Software Development Kit, along with a tutorial for Lightwave 3D users.

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