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Push Entertainment Release Demo of Wild Flying

Up until 2002 Push Entertainment had been quietly working on 3D racing/ shoot'em up called Wild Flying but when new members refused to join the team the project was cancelled. The team behind Wild Flying have now decided to release a demo as a final tribute to Amiga Classic market, demonstrating to all “what is possible to do on classic Amiga hardware for fun”.

According to Tony Aksnes, “the engine was nearly completed and features 3 different weapons and 4 special weapons among other stuff”. Gamers have expressed disappointment that Wild Flying won't be completed, as the demo is fully playable and shows much promise. Alex from Amiga Centre said, “The tunnel graphics kinda remind me of Super Stardust. Shame this'll never be finished, but at least people can enjoy what has been written so far...”

The demo and screenshots can be found on the Push Entertainment website.

If you have any questions about Wild Flying, then e-mail Tony Aksnes of Push Entertainment at:-


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