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Petro Tyschtschenko Retires

After many years of faithful service to the Amiga Community Petro Tyschtschenko has announced that he intends to retire with Petro believing, “it is time for some of us older Amigans to pass the torch on to those who still have the vigour to take Amiga onward”.

Petro Tyschtschenko will be remembered in Amiga history as the man who kept Amiga International in operation long enough to get a buyer, to take the Amiga forward. Without his passion and dedication to the Amiga, it is clear that the Amiga would merely be nothing more than a fond memory. As Kay Are Ulvestad said on Amiga Network News, “I will remember you as the one who got us through the dark years”. Petro has serviced the Amiga Community well and so it is in the hands of people like Bill and Randall at Amiga Inc to take the Amiga new heights.

Good luck Petro, thank you for your hard work and I hope you will enjoy your retirement.
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